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Zack Snyder Shares 12 Minutes BvS Visual Effects Reel

Love it or hate it, Zack Snyder‘s Batman v. Superman is, as all mega-budget tentpoles are, the product of tremendous effort from a massive team of crew. While the “above-the-line” talent tends to take the lion’s share of the credit or criticism for a film’s success or failure, there’s always a massive team of artisans building the world behind the top-billed talent.

Today, Synder has shared an extensive look at the work from his BvS effects team, and just how critical they were in creating the world of the film. Some of this we’ve seen before in the briefer VFX reel released by Scanline back in December, but this video reveals a whole lot with a near 12-minute runtime that takes you through virtually all the film’s major sequences.

As a filmmaker, Snyder has never shied away from turning to his VFX team to craft the settings of his cinematic universes and their larger-than-life set-pieces. Sucker Punch, 300 and Watchmen were all visually driven films that hinged on digital world-building, but for some reason, I’m still knocked out by the extent to which Batman v. Superman was created on a computer. And while the video showcases plenty of the most flashy sequences, like Batman’s Parademon attack and the birth of Doomsday, it’s a firm reminder that the most impressive visual effects are usually the ones you don’t notice; exteriors, environments, and landscapes that are designed to fit seamlessly in the background, but are vital to setting the scene.

Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Credit: Collider