Skywalker Ranch shows 28mins of Rogue One

The promotional machine behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has officially jumped to Hyperspace as we draw incredibly close to the premiere of the film. On Friday, several press events were held at Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, including Q & A’s on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, it appears select members of the media were given the opportunity to watch 28 minutes of the film at Skywalker Ranch. Soon after the screening, many of the attendees took to Twitter to share their impressions of what they saw, giving us our first batch of public discourse about the film. Thankfully, all the opinions shared seemed very positive and excited to see the rest of the film.

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I would also like to direct your attention to a new article by Brian Truitt over at USA Today who offers a detailed, and spoilery analysis of the footage shown. You can check that out by clicking here.

Overall, it’s really awesome to hear some very positive feedback about Rogue One this early. Even though they only saw 28 minutes, I think this is still a good indication of what we can expect to see when the film hits theaters on December 16th!

Credit: Star Wars Underworld