Sam Jackson hates your Snoke theory!

It’s seems you can’t swing a Lightsaber these days without hitting a new Snoke theory. Every character imaginable has been connected to the First Order’s Supreme Leader, even though he could still be, you know, just Snoke. Regardless, we fans love to speculate, and some of our theories occasionally make big news.

One of the most recent and persistent Snoke theories to surface has suggested that Jedi Master Mace Windu, who was last seen flying out of a window into the depths of Coruscant with only one hand, could actually be Supreme Leader Snoke. While opinions on this theory are everywhere, there’s one opinion that’s of particular note to us; that of Master Windu himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

In a recent interview with ET at the 2016 Britannia Awards, where Jackson was honored with the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia for Worldwide Contribution to Entertainment, he spoke about his long and iconic career in Hollywood. In addition, Star Wars, of course, came up in the conversation, and ET specifically asked Jackson’s opinion on the Mace/Snoke theory. Interestingly enough, it seems Sam Jackson(just like our buddy Steele Saunders) thinks your Snoke theory sucks. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m not part of that rumor or theory. I’d like for Mace Windu to just be Mace Windu… I’m of the idea that Jedi can fall from enormous heights and still survive. And the fact that he cut his hand off is not a big deal. There are a lot of one handed Jedi and people with robotic or enhanced hands in that world. So hopefully I can be one of those.”

Sam still seems adamant that Mace survived his presumed death in Revenge Of The Sith, but he certainly isn’t a fan of the idea that he survived all the way until The Force Awakens to become Snoke. Whether or not he gets his wish is still very much up in the air for now.

Do you think Mace survived? And who really is Snoke? Leave your best theories in the comments below!

Source: Star Wars Underworld