Pablo Hidalgo Trolls Old Republic Petition

As some of you may remember, [nerdphoria] started out as the official Facebook page for TORonNetflix, back in the last quarter of 2016 as we supported our friends by creating fan trailers and promoting the cause. We since grew into something else, however the petition itself never stopped, and we passed over the Facebook duties to one of our friends.

We are happy to report that the petition has now reached 165,000 supporters!

Petition Co-Founder, Krystee Anidem, posted this to Facebook.

via TORonNetflix on Facebook

It is an astounding effort of which everyone who has helped spread the word should be very proud of.

As the petition has been garnering some media attention, the petition was trolled by Lucasfilm Story Group Guru, Pablo Hidalgo via twitter.

pablo hidalgo
via @PabloHidalgo on Twitter

Sadly Pablo has since deleted the tweet, and explained that a petition will have no effect on their development process over at Lucasfilm.

“If petitions were part of the dev process (they aren’t) it’d have to be in the multiple millions to be noteworthy.”

“What I’m saying is maybe a petition – that requires minimal effort – that still draws small numbers isn’t a helpful metric.”

Whilst it is sad to note that a petition for an Old Republic series will do nothing, we probably have to accept the truth that, mainstream Star Wars fans, either don’t care, or will have never even heard of The Old Republic.

It may seem that a lot of us know about TOR, but in truth, when you look at the numbers, the number of people who have signed the petition so far, is 0.1% the number of people who have seen The Force Awakens. Yes, 0.1%.

This doesn’t however mean we won’t get an Old Republic Series though, it just means if we do get one, it’s because Lucasfilm has stories to tell, not because we signed a website.