Non-Spoiler Review of The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie is an absolute treat, if a little too overstuffed. It’s very colourful, action packed and hilarious in most places. I couldn’t stop laughing at a few points. No-spoiler review below…

It’s obvious that the team behind this film cared enough about both Lego and 78 years worth of Batman to do their homework, be creative with the toys, and make it funny for either audience.

That caring about the source material is something that DC’s recent films and parody films often lack, and even Marvel’s Deadpool was a little limited by its need to occasionally pull focus on introducing him to new audiences. The fact this film does dive into fan service and still makes the overall experience enjoyable for people who might not care about superheroes is remarkable.

lego batman
Image via Warner Bros.

Literally every live action film which Batman’s ever made an appearance in gets referenced and made fun of. It’s excellently done.

If that’s not for you there’s still to plenty to enjoy, other pop culture gags, and amazing action sequences. It’s a bit overstuffed towards the end and the morality message gets stated OVER and OVER but it’s fantastic for all ages including adults.

Review by DG