Lucasfilm respond to digital Carrie Fisher Rumors

There has been a rumor circulating lately, which we believe originated from a BBC Newsnight programme in the UK, that Lucasfilm was in talks with Carrie Fishers estate to recreate her digitally for Star Wars Episode IX. While I believe this was a simple misunderstanding on the part of the television programme, the rumor has since spread online everywhere, so much so, that Disney/Lucasfilm have in a very rare move, issued a statement.

We don’t normally respond to fan or press speculation, but there is a rumor circulating that we would like to address. We want to assure our fans that Lucasfilm has no plans to digitally recreate Carrie Fisher’s performance as Princess or General Leia Organa.

Carrie Fisher was, is, and always will be a part of the Lucasfilm family. She was our princess, our general, and more importantly, our friend. We are still hurting from her loss. We cherish her memory and legacy as Princess Leia, and will always strive to honor everything she gave to Star Wars.

So there we have it. I believe Lucasfilm are still figuring out the complications of Carrie Fishers untimely passing, and will take some months to properly figure out.

We have contacted the BBC for comment, and await a reply.

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