Disney reveals the Pixar Universe Easter Eggs [video]

Eagled-eyed Disney-Pixar fans have been noticing Easter eggs in their favorite movies for years, making fans wonder if all of Pixar’s beloved characters exist in the same universe. (Granted, it is pretty tough to miss Boo handing Sully a plush version of Nemo in Monsters, Inc.)

But for those hidden nods to other films that are a bit more difficult to spot, Disney recently released a mind-bending video on the official Toy Story Facebook page, revealing where exactly you can see hidden Easter eggs in favorites like Inside Out and Ratatouille.

For starters, did you have any idea that Riley from Inside Out makes a cameo in Finding Dory? Or how about the fact that The Good Dinosaur‘s Forrest Woodbush is in Inside Out? Or that Sully from Monsters, Inc. is etched into a piece of wood owned by Merida in Brave?

Watch the video for yourself below to catch all of the references you may not have noticed in your previous 500 viewings of your favorite Pixar flicks.

Credit: EW