Hellboy III Definitely Not Happening. Ever.

It was just a month ago that we were charged with hope about the possibility of seeing a third Hellboy film from director Guillermo del Toro. The filmmaker and ostensible social media junkie hit Twitter to ask fans to vote on whether or not they’d like to see a new installment to the long dormant franchise, whose most recent entry came out nine years ago. To little surprise, del Toro’s 100,000-vote requirement was met (and then some), and he pursued a conversation about the prospect with the Hellboy character’s original creator, comic book writer Mike Mignola, and with Hellboy‘s screen star Ron Perlman. And while this seemed like enough to get us amped up for an inevitable threequel, del Toro hit us with the bad news this morning:


Not a lot of room for interpretation there. Disappointed though we all may be, perhaps the most overbearing emotion right now is curiosity. Why, if del Toro, Mignola, and Perlman were all willing to discuss the new venture, would it be rendered such an impossibility? Who’s driving the “No” train, and what rationale are they using for fuel? We may never know what’s keeping Hellboy 3 from coming to be, and may indeed always ponder that question. But at least we have a new Hellboy graphic novel hitting shelves this spring to satisfy our Big Red fix.

Credit: Nerdist


Fans of the Hellboy series have been asking for a third movie in the series since the second instalment which was released in 2008. Now it seems, del Toro is ready to make that a possibility.

Out of the blue, del Toro asked his followers on Wednesday morning if they were interested in a third movie, offering two poll choices: “Yes” and “Hell, yes.” Shortly after, del Toro posted a second tweet promising that if the poll received 100,000 votes in 24 hours, he would discuss the project with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and the man himself, Ron Perlman. (The latter has previously teased that he knows what the third movie would include, “and it’s bad-ass.”)

As of this writing the poll has over 100,000 votes with 7hrs still left, so with any luck, we’re stepping in the right direction for a third movie in the Hellboy fanchise!