Marvel Television has a great thing going on with their Netflix shows. Say what you will about their movies (which are great), but the stuff they’re achieving on the streaming service is fantastic. While the content doesn’t necessarily make for the biggest, most bombastic story, it brings the characters to life in a way even the movies can’t. At the end of the day, we’re able to relate to these characters far more than we could in the movies. That’s no slight against the movies, but telling a story in 2 hours and 13 is a vastly different prospect, and each medium is bound to have its strengths and weaknesses.

But like the Marvel movies, the studio plans to join together our four street-level heroes in the limited TV event series, The Defenders. Like The Avengers before it, it will be the first time all these heroes have been shown together on the big screen at once. Of course, throughout each series, there have been some crossover characters in the form of Claire Temple and Luke Cage, not to mention one-off mentions that give this world a unified feel, but nothing on the level of The Defenders…yet.

Yesterday, we saw our first set photos that showed Jessica Jones walking around New York with her friend Trish, and today, there are a new batch of photos that show Luke Cage reunite with cop Misty Knight.

Luke Cage the series painted a bit of a history for these two. Luke was a framed man, constantly on the run, and constantly finding himself caught in the middle of ordeals bigger than himself. Misty Knight was a talented detective who hated when things went beyond her control. In the closing episodes of Luke Cage, she became increasingly disenfranchised with the justice system, and as such, it’s no big surprise that we’re likely to see her return to Luke’s aide, along with the other Defenders.

What do you hope to see from Misty Knight and Luke Cage in The Defenders? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Source: LRM