Danny Elfman confirms the Batman theme to be used in “Justice League”

Justice League comes out on November 17, so what better topic to cover, than its music? Danny Elfman is the man behind the music for this one, and he’s already confirmed he’d be using parts of the original Superman theme from “Superman.” That theme was composed by John Williams and is highly recognized as “the Superman theme.”

But when it comes to Batman there have been a couple distinguishable themes people remember. It seems to all depend on when you were raised and watching Batman. For people born before 1989, Danny Elfman’s original theme from “Batman” is the Batman theme. But, if you’re younger, you probably associate the hero more along the lines of Hans Zimmer’s theme from Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, or even “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

But, Danny Elfman has since confirmed that for “Justice League,” he will be using, “The Batman Theme.” Now, that might be a little confusing, and that’s understandable. Elfman didn’t specifically mention who composed or which theme exactly he was talking about. When people asked for clarification he said, “No, you’ll hear Batman’s theme. Batman has only had one theme.” Referring to his 1989 Batman theme.

So, seeing as how Justice League is just around the corner, I think we can all be super excited to see and hear these exciting callbacks to one of the original Batmen.